Bộ câu hỏi chứng chỉ SAP Business One (Phần 7)

61. The SAP Business One Duty Manager is a telephone support service that is used instead of the SAP Business One Hotline support service when critical business processes are affected due to system abnormalities.
a) True
b) False
Answer: a) True
The Duty Manager Support service is used when critical business processes are affected as a result of system abnormalities. The answering machine for this number is checked regularly, even outside working hours. The hotline on the other hand is used basically to contact SAP support when the SAP portal cannot be accessed.

62. A User Defined Table in SAP Business One is identified by which prefix
a) ?
b) U_
c) @
d) $
Answer: c) @
User defined tables are identified by the @ prefix, followed by a unique code and then a name description by default. SAP Business One stores the user defined field under the description U_ (title). $ is closely associated with query syntax in SAP Business One e.g. $[Tablename.Fieldname]

63. Which of the following databases are supported by SAP Business One?
a) Oracle
b) Microsoft SQL Server
c) IBM DB2
d) Sybase
Answer: B, C & D
SAP Business One can be deployed on Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Sybase. Oracle is not a supported database system.

64. SAP Early Watch Alert enables the collection of Important Hardware and Software Information on the customer side and analysis of this information on the SAP side
a) True
b) False
Answer: a) True

65. What are True to User defensed fields in SAP B1
a) Generally allow you to attach files, hyperlinks or images.
b) You cannot define a default value that the system uses to pre-assign the field
c) If you select the create index option a search index is created in the data base level.
d) You can Link a user defined table to one or more user defined fields
Answer:  A, C & D

66. SAP Top Notes are important notes published at the end of each month
a) True
b) False
Answer: b) False

67. Customer Checklist template is available in SAP B1 AIP in the document Resource Center
a) True
b) False
Answer: a) True

68. In the Data Import Wizard The files must be text files with
a) Plus (+)
b) Coma (,)
c) Hass (#)
d) Semicolon (")
e) Tab as delimiter
Answer:  B, D & E

69. Server Suite Manager provides which of the services
a) SAP B1 backup service
b) Interface maintenance
c) Early Watch Alert
d) Data Interface server setting
e) Log management
Answer: A, C & D

70. Data Transfer work bench provides which of the Tools
a) Microsoft Excel Templates
b) Log management
c) SAP B1 License Manager
d) Data import wizard and Mapping functionality
e) Interface Maintenance
Answer: A, B, D & E

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