Bộ câu hỏi chứng chỉ SAP Business One (Phần 30)

291. Documentation Generation Wizard does not handle Customer defined as multi-currency
a) True
b) False 
292. Which functions are available only in Specific Sales Document?
a) You can do a credit Limit Check in Sales Order, Delivery, A/R Invoice and Sales Quotation
b) You can display Gross Profit, Last Price report for each document in sales.
c) Serial number and batch management is available in Sales Order, Deliveries but not in A/R Invoice.
d) You can create activities for every Sales document
e) Drafts can be created for every Sales document

293. In Sales Return values of sales good are posted to the debit side of sales Return and credit side to the cost account
a) True
b) False

294. Which are True to AR Reserve Invoice?
a) The available quantity is reduced by the Sale Order quantity
b) You post an AR Reserve Invoice after you create a delivery note
c) You post the delivery afterwards with reference to the AR Reserve invoice. This reduces the in stock quantity
d) A/R Reserve Invoice create value based posting

295. What are Phase Specific documents For Project Reparation in Accelerated Implementation Program?
a) Software Delivery Receipt
b) Service Level Agreement
c) Business Process Master List
d) Change Management Communication Guide
e) Project Risk Assessment

296. In Business Blue Print we Conduct Business gathering work shop And Review Project Plan in AIP
a) True
b) False

297. The License Manager is a software service that is part of the SAP Business One Server Tools
a) True
b) False

298. What are True to License Manager in SAP B1?
a) The License is stored in a License file. You only need one License File for all kind of License Packages.
b) The License for all users of SAP B1 and any add-ons solution are centrally managed by License Manager
c) You don’t need hardware key to request for License Key
d) Any user can change the License assignment
e) The License check controls , if you have bought the transaction from SAP

299. Which are True to SMB Portal in SAP B1?
a) Access to SMB Portal is free
b) You can log on with any E-mail address that is not assigned with user ID of SAP B1
c) If you have a user for SAP service Market Place, you can use that one to log on
d) All users can maintain his or her Personal data in SMB Portal
e) You can use Single-Sign-On to Log on to the SMB Portal

300. What are True to Super Administrator in SAP B1?
a) The Super Administrator is not authorized to request new users but manage existing users in his or her company
b) To Know who your Super administrator you can Log-on to support@sap.com
c) A Super administrator can access the user administrator under quick link/user admin
d) A quick Link is a short key, you can enter at the beginning of the SMB Portal address to bring you directly to relevant information

301. You cannot make Transaction based manual changes to a price when you purchase or sell an Item
a) True
b) False

302. Using the Group entry you can assign user-specific authorization for maintaining prices in each Price List
a) True
b) False

303. The two operator field is Text and Data fields in XL Reporter
a)  True
b) False

304. If you want to Print Sub totals for every value of the sort fields, you can use the grouping functionality In Print Layout Design
a) True
b) False

305. We have up to --- group levels in the Grouping Functionality in Print Layout Design
a) 5
b) 3
c) 9
d) 7
e) 10

306. Date parameter is used if the field concerned is a date and you want to use it for calculation in a query
a) True
b) False

307. Which of the following is correct for Leads?
a) Posting an invoice for leads is possible if you convert leads inti customer after posting an invoice immediately
b) Posting an invoice for leads is possible if you first convert lead into customer
c) Posting invoice is not possible in any case.
d) You can create sales order, deliveries and invoice to a lead directly
Answer: b) Posting an invoice for leads is possible if you first convert lead into customer

308. What is the long form of CRM
a) Critical Requirement Management
b) Customer Requirement Management
c) Critical Relationship Management
d) Customer Relationship Management
e) Consumer Requirement Management
Answer: d) Customer Relationship Management

309. You can create a delivery by referencing
a) A quotation
b) An order
c) A/R Credit memo
d) A/R reserve invoice
Answer: A, B & D

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