Bộ câu hỏi chứng chỉ SAP Business One (Phần 25)

241. User-defined Fields can be used for which of the following purpose
a) For integration into document template.
b) To use in reports (queries)
c) To find object
d) To store additional information such as pictures, files and hyperlinks.
e) You can group User-defined Fields into categories.
Answer: A, B, C, D & E

242. The Status Bar, which extends along the entire upper edge of the SAP B1 Main window contains various Text Fields
a) True
b) False
Answer: b) False

243. What are the statements True to Query Wizard.
a) The Table that are linked to the selected tables are displayed in the upper section of the screen
b) You can change the column headers and include calculation field that add, subtract, divide, or multiply two fields with each other.
c) You can define condition for selecting a data record.
d) The system automatically determines the relation between the selected Tables. You can change the conditions if required.
e) Finally the system display the SQL Statement that is automatically generated
Answer: B, C, D & E

244. Which of the following statement are True to repetitive area in Print Layout Design?
a) The repetitive area contains the line items that are listed in a table on the document.
b) The size of this area is manually adjusted to the number of lines.
c) The repetitive area header contains the column headings for the item lines.
d) The repetitive area footer contains document totals and other information that refers to the document area.
e) Usually a print layout has only one repetitive area (including header and footer) but you can add more repetitive areas.
Answer: A, C & E

245. Page header, Start of report, End of report, Page footer, and the repetitive area do not belong to any group but they appear on every group level.
a) True
b) False
Answer: a) True

246. The Group Fields must be available on the repetitive area but you can make them invisible if you don't want them to appear in the Tables
a) True
b) False
Answer: a) True

247. What are True to Query Generator?
a) The Query generator allows you to create an SQL Statement on several screens.
b) You must manually add computation fields using SQL Statement.
c) You can compile conditions for the data records by choosing conditions and using the right display frame.
d) Single Click to select the fields you want the system to use to sort the data records.
e) You can specify grouping fields. The system automatically enters the type of grouping for the selected fields.
Answer: B & C

248. In Print layout Designer selection criteria window display the current default in Bold and display the template you have selected with yellow background.
a) True
b) False
Answer: a) True

249. You can create a A/R invoice by referencing
a) A quotation
b) An order
c) A delivery
d) A/R reserve invoice
Answer: A, B & C

250. What are Documents related to Pick Manager
a) Sales Quotation
b) Sales order
c) A/R reserve invoice
d) A/R invoice
Answer: B & C

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